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Case Studies are in the Works…

We partner with state departments of education and school districts all over the country to link their summative assessments to the Quantile® scale, help them better serve families and improve workflow. We’re currently working with state DoEs to develop case studies so you and your team can learn what it’s like to partner with MetaMetrics®. Our Quantile case studies will cover the entire process from our linking study and implementation to how we can serve as a thought-partner. To give you the big picture, we’ll share the challenges along with the successes.

Meanwhile, check out our Lexile case studies to see how our state partners have leveraged The Lexile® Framework for Reading. And, of course, we’d be happy to talk to you about the ways we can help make test scores actionable for students, educators and parents. Contact us or read more about how Quantile measures are working in today’s schools.