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Being able to communicate in writing is a critical skill for college and career readiness. The Lexile® Framework for Writing helps educators accelerate student writing abilities.

As you know, reading and writing go hand in hand. The more a student reads, the better a student writes. The more a student practices writing, the more they improve. Lexile writer measures help you accurately assess writing progress and help students achieve their goals.

Teacher working with elementary school girl at her desk

Lexile measures help teachers provide personalized reading materials and writing activities to accelerate student growth in language arts.

How Lexile Writer Measures Work 

The Lexile Framework for Writing measures student writing ability based on:

  • Semantic complexity — the difficulty level of the words used, and;
  • Syntactic sophistication — how the student uses those words in sentences.

It’s normal for a student’s Lexile writer measure to be lower than their Lexile reader measure. A student might measure 1240L in reading, but write at 1120L, since students usually read and comprehend at a higher level than they can write.

Just like the reader measure, students receive Lexile writer measures from classroom and state standardized assessments.

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