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The Lexile® Framework for Writing is tied to the same scale as The Lexile® Framework for Reading, and the two work closely together. When your child reads well-written content at the right level and practices writing on a regular basis, writing abilities improve.

Just like Lexile reader measures, children receive Lexile writer measures from classroom and state standardized assessments.

Being able to express yourself in writing is an essential skill for navigating the path to college and career readiness.

How Lexile Writing Measures Work

The Lexile Framework for Writing measures your child’s writing ability based on:

  • Semantic complexity — the difficulty level of the words used, and;
  • Syntactic sophistication — how your child uses those words in sentences.

Don’t worry if your child’s Lexile writing measure is lower than their Lexile reading measure — that’s typical for most children. For example, your child might measure 1240L in reading, but write at 1120L, since children usually read and comprehend at a higher level than they can write.

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Discover how Lexile measures can help monitor the growth in the writing ability of your child.