DK Learning and MetaMetrics, Inc. Renew Partnership to add Lexile Measures to Re-imagined Leveled Readers Series - MetaMetrics Inc.
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DK Learning and MetaMetrics, Inc. Renew Partnership to add Lexile Measures to Re-imagined Leveled Readers Series

Partnership Announcement: DK Learning and MetaMetrics

Longtime collaborators make 125 non-fiction titles accessible for early readers by providing measures of text complexity on the same scale as reading ability.

DURHAM, NC & NEW YORK, NY –  March 7, 2023  – In a shared mission to combat the historically low reading comprehension scores among grade school students, MetaMetrics, Inc. and DK Learning are adding Lexile® measures to the DK Super Readers series, an evolution of DK’s popular DK Readers series, which has sold over 600,000 copies worldwide. Lexile measures provide a common scale for teachers and parents to match readers with appropriately challenging books that inspire a love of reading, and in this case, a thirst for knowledge about a range of topics from dinosaurs to natural wonders.

The DK Super Readers series of 125 books that will be released with Lexile measures between now and October 2023, leverages unique benefits of nonfiction reading including students becoming more knowledgeable as well as improving cognitive knowledge acquisition, concentration, information gathering, critical thinking and study skills. DK Super Readers progress in difficulty from Pre-Level with a corresponding Lexile range of BR40L – 300L (BR stands for “beginning reader”) to Level 4 with a corresponding Lexile range of 800L – 1010L.

“We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to expand our partnership with DK Learning to measure the Super Readers series, which increases the number of high-quality nonfiction titles in our free Find a Book tool for parents and teachers,” said Malbert Smith, co-founder and CEO of MetaMetrics, Inc. “Now, when searching for books by interest, a whole new set of topics will be available. A critical component of learning to love reading is finding books that are really interesting, which is so unique to each student.”

DK Super Readers covers engaging, curriculum-aligned topics that supplement core literacy programs. The series gradually introduces features for reading and using nonfiction books for research, such as illustrated contents pages, glossaries, indexes, labeled diagrams and illustrations, fact call-outs and information panels have been carefully considered by experts in this field. Some of the engaging titles to be released this spring include Shark Attack! and Secrets of the Mummies.

“Super Readers books are carefully developed using the MetaMetrics Lexile Framework for Reading to ensure that content is the right level for readers between the ages of 3-11, who are all at different stages of their literacy journey,” said Hilary Fine, Education Development Director at DK. “By writing content that is interesting, factual, and at the right level to challenge readers, we can boost reading skills in a very natural and effective way.”

Since 1999, DK Learning and MetaMetrics, Inc. have measured nearly 800 books in series such as: DK Eyewitness, DKfindout!, DK Life Stories, DK Readers, and most recently, DK Super Readers. The newest series will be released in batches from March to October. For more information about how DK Super Readers leverages the Lexile Framework for Reading, visit the DK Super Readers website that includes resources for parents and teachers.

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