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Lexile® Measures Around the World

Lexile measures aren’t just being used in the United States. The popularity of our measures has grown around the world as an increasing number of students and English language learners use Lexile measures to improve their reading skills. As the most widely used reading metric, today Lexile measures connect tens of millions of students to more than 100 million articles and books through extensive partnerships in government, publishing technology and research.

As the use of Lexile measures grows around the world, international content publishers — including tradebook, textbook and school library publishers, catalog automation service providers, periodical database service providers, book sellers and distributors — provide Lexile measures for their texts used in classrooms, at home and in the library. Top educational test publishers are partnering with MetaMetrics® to develop assessments or to link to existing assessments to report students’ reading scores as Lexile reader measures. Additionally, many popular digital programs use Lexile measures to help students and English learners find books that match their abilities and improve their reading skills.

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