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Forecasting Student Growth With Lexile® & Quantile® Measures

In addition to being used by educators and parents around the nation to support day-to-day learning, Lexile and Quantile measures also provide an invaluable indicator of student growth over time, from kindergarten through high school.

When a state DoE partners with us, we offer students, educators and parents the ability to chart student growth, forecast achievement and compare forecasted reading and math growth with the demands of college and specific careers.

Prepare Students for Specific Careers

Lexile and Quantile measures are the only metrics available to compare and describe the reading and math demands of careers.

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Berkeley County Lexile & Quantile Growth Planners Case Study

With approximately 35,000 students and 43 schools, find out how Berkeley county used the Lexile® and Quantile® Growth Planners to help guide their students to success.

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The Lexile & Quantile Growth Planners

The Lexile Growth Planner and Quantile Growth Planner are available as personalized web pages or as an API for state DoEs. It provides your constituents, such as parents and educators, with a graph like you see below, which shows the past and expected growth in reading or math. Students can select from over 250 in-demand careers to determine the reading and mathematical demand of the desired career.

As you can see in this example, the Growth Planner overlays the reading demand of different occupations. Here the complexity of texts typically encountered by a video game designer is shown.

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