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When you add Lexile measures to your company’s reading materials, products and assessments, you’re including more than just a number. You’re adding insights and scientific validity. You can also help educators easily find differentiated materials to power personalized learning. At the same time, you will be joining a movement to bring meaning to measurement.

Here are a few ways you can add Lexile text measures to your reading materials:

Lexile Content Measurement Service

Need to know the Lexile measure of an already-published learning resource or book? Learn more about the process of getting that material analyzed and included in our popular Find a Book tool (trade books only).

More about the Lexile Content Measurement Service

Lexile® Text Analyzer Subscriptions

Publishers and content developers with ongoing needs to develop materials at specific Lexile levels can subscribe to the Lexile Text Analyzer Content Creator, our newest, most advanced tool. With the new analyzer, you can:

  • measure and edit text as you go to align to your target level,
  • submit different types of content for measurement within the same tool,
  • access previously certified measures,
  • enable certified trade book measures to appear in Lexile® Find a Book (our popular book search tool),
  • track and manage subscription credits as you go,
  • instantly certify content so you can share content without delay (specific qualifications must be met),
  • and much more!

More about Lexile Analyzer Subscriptions

Lexile Titles Database 

A license to the Lexile Titles Database gives your company access to more than 275,000 informational and literary titles from hundreds of publishers—and this number continues to grow. There are separate databases for English Titles and Spanish Titles, both of which are available for integrating into your product or service.

More about the Lexile Titles Database