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Solutions for Medium and Large Projects

Simple, flexible subscription tiers that provide one price for your volume of content certification, which takes the guesswork out of budgeting. No additional charges or add-on fees! Billed quarterly so you always know what to expect.

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Solutions for Smaller Projects

Are you an independent author or a small publisher? If so, our new a la carte pricing may be right for you. Pay for what you need to measure and certify individual passages, books, and more. An affordable option for smaller projects!

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What’s New for Content Creation?

Seamlessly submit different types of content for measurement, access previously certified measures, enable certified trade book measures to appear in Lexile® Find a Book (our popular book search tool). Track and manage subscription credits as you go, and more!

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Our pricing provides scaling solutions so you can measure and certify a little or a lot.

Subscriptions offer scaling discounts that grow with your projects. For smaller projects, a la carte options are available. Just enter the total number of items (your best guess is fine) and the calculator will provide an estimated price. Contact us to discuss a custom proposal that is specifically tailored to your needs!

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Certified Lexile Partner and Certified Quantile Partner logos

Certified Lexile® and Quantile® measures take the guesswork out of matching students with the right level learning materials.

Lexile and Quantile measures represent a global standard in reading and mathematics ability and content measurement, supporting more than half of U.S. students and learners in over 180 countries so they can grow their academic skills.

Lexile Measures: Gain insight into content complexity.

The power of the Lexile Framework is its specificity. Lexile measures pinpoint a number on a 2,000-point scale (instead of providing a generic grade level range) so that teachers, students and caregivers can easily find the right reading materials to challenge readers without frustrating them.

Adding Lexile measures to your text and audio files will:

  • GIVE STUDENTS AND TEACHERS THE INFORMATION THEY NEED to find books, passages and audio content that are just the right level.
  • INCREASE EXPOSURE TO YOUR TRADE BOOK TITLES through our popular Find a Book search tool and our Lexile® Titles Database which is used by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Follett, and booksellers and library automation providers all over the world.
  • MEET THE DEMAND OF A GROWING NUMBER OF STATES across the country that are providing student Lexile measures and are seeking appropriate level content.
  • MARKET YOUR PRODUCTS AS LEXILE CERTIFIED, a globally trusted, research-based stamp of approval.

Quantile Measures: A critical link for supporting personalized learning in math.

Adding Quantile measures to math programs and assessments turns the idea of personalized learning into a reality. Even if assessments and curriculum come from different education companies, when they’re supported by the Quantile Framework for Mathematics, educators are suddenly comparing apples to apples.

Adding Quantile measures to your learning materials will:

  • PROVIDE YOU WITH A SCIENTIFICALLY VALID TOOL for powering your products to connect learners with math resources.
  • GIVE YOU A COMPETITIVE EDGE in the edtech marketplace.