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MetaMetrics partners with state departments of education to link their state assessments to the Lexile Framework for Reading and the Quantile Framework for Mathematics. Lexile and Quantile measures allow states to provide a valuable resource for educators, parents and students. Because MetaMetrics’ measures are actionable, they provide a clear path to improve achievement. Check out which departments of education have linked their state assessments.

Lexile and Quantile measures are available in all 50 states, with half of the nation receiving the measures through state assessments or at the local level through partnerships with edtech companies that deliver services to schools and districts.

Benefits of Reporting Lexile & Quantile Metrics Statewide

When a state department of education links its assessments to report Lexile and Quantile measures, they are putting powerful tools for enhancing instruction into the hands of teachers and families and helping all students graduate college- and career- ready.

But We Also Do Much More

We work one-on-one with our state partners to help them reach their instructional improvement goals, connect parents to student learning and bring meaning to measurement at all levels. We help set proficiency standards, implement summer reading and math programs and standardize college and career readiness policies. Our experience with educators all over the country, plus our extensive research and data, provide you with a solid foundation to build and promote your educational initiatives.

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We can walk through the benefits as well as put you in touch with professionals from our state department of education partners.

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