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We partner with state departments of education all over the country to link their summative assessments to the Lexile and Quantile scales, help them better serve educators and families and improve workflow.

Explore these case studies to learn more about how SEAs are using the measures.

Vermont Summer Learning: A Community Partnership Featuring Lexile and Quantile Measures

Like every other state in the country, the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic presented the Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) with unanticipated challenges when it came to ensuring its students stayed on track. However, through community partnerships and an investment of extra time and hard work, Green Mountain State education leaders leveraged available tools and resources to reach students and families at home with extended learning opportunities.

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The Vermont case study is part of the MetaMetrics Field Trip Series to showcase how state education agencies use Lexile and Quantile measures to support student learning.

Connecticut Students Participate in Quantile® Summer Math Challenge

More than 23,000 students across Connecticut participated in MetaMetrics’ Quantile Summer Math Challenge, a free, online math program, in summer 2019. The program helped students retain the math skills taught during the school year. The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) chose to implement this program because it connected students to math activities and resources that were at their level and aligned with Connecticut’s Core Standards. The CSDE increased engagement through participation drives targeting math coordinators, principals and district superintendents.

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West Virginia Takes Steps to Ensure All Students Are Prepared for Success in the Workforce

The West Virginia Department of Education leverages Lexile® and Quantile® measures to provide teachers, parents and students with important information for personalizing learning and charting growth toward college and career readiness. Lexile and Quantile student measures are reported from summative assessments in grades 3-8 and from SAT scores for grade 11.

State leaders collaborated with MetaMetrics to develop a Lexile and Quantile Parent Report that effectively communicates information about students’ Lexile and Quantile measures. The report features the Lexile and Quantile Growth Planners that help forecast student reading and math growth starting at third grade and compare that forecasted performance to text and math demands of college and careers. With the Growth Planners’ career exploration feature, students and parents can select from hundreds of careers to evaluate a career’s educational requirements, salary range, job demand and much more.

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Lexile Measures Help Kentucky Fight Summer Reading Slide

For most students, the summer months are a time of freedom and fun after a rigorous school year. However, it’s a well known phenomenon that students experience “summer slide” or “summer loss” when they don’t engage in educational activities during their break. Research shows this gap is even more pronounced between low-income children and their more affluent peers.

In response, the Council of Chief State School Officers partnered with MetaMetrics® to coordinate a national state-led summer reading initiative to bolster student reading achievement during summer break. This past May, Kentucky joined the “Chief’s Summer Reading Challenge” by developing their “Find a Book, Kentucky” program to raise awareness of the summer loss epidemic, share compelling research on the importance of personalized reading activities and provide access to a variety of free resources to support targeted reading and the initiative as a whole.

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Just Read, Florida

To help parents play a stronger role in student summer reading plans, MetaMetrics partnered with the Florida Department of Education’s Summer Reading Adventure program. Parents learned how to use their students’ Lexile measures to match them with summer reading materials which they could find via our online free book search, “Find a Book.” The state then expanded the program to run all year long and continues to work with us on programs that promote the school/home literacy connection. 

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Looking For More Case Studies?

Browse our research and publications database to access additional case studies that show how Lexile and Quantile measures are used in schools and districts. Learn more about how Lexile measures are working in today’s schools and how our education and publishing company partners have incorporated the Lexile Framework into their products.