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Any education company can work with us to have their assessments’ reading or listening results reported in Lexile® measures. We work with assessment publishers who develop:

How It Works

We work closely with you to develop an assessment solution that produces Lexile student measures in one of two ways:

  1. We perform a linking study to correlate your assessment’s scale score to the Lexile scale so that Lexile measures can be reported immediately.
  2. Together, we’ll build an assessment. We can build new assessments for you with either:
    • Custom test items,
    • Validated test items that you lease from our Lexile® Item Bank, or
    • Your reading passages that we transform into Cloze test items. can use either method to build an adaptive assessment solution that immediately delivers Lexile student measures.

The Lexile® Item Bank Covers Reading Assessments for Pre-K–12

We can help you develop a Lexile assessment solution that meets your unique goals. The Lexile Item Bank:

  • Has items that assess reading from preliteracy skills to advanced reading, each calibrated to the Lexile scale. 
  • Can be used to develop tests that assess alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, and phonics, as well as vocabulary and comprehension. (Some items include audio and visual support for accessibility.)
  • Includes six different item types, each with one correct and three incorrect responses.
  • Has been developed through field studies with thousands of students across the globe.
  • Includes expert reviews for each item.

To Learn More:

  • Check out our Lexile Consulting and Development overview flyer.
  • Find out how our Lexile Item Bank covers the Lexile scale with this flyer.
  • Download this flyer to see more about Lexile test items that assess foundational reading skills.
  • See examples of how we work with our customers.
  • Find out how the MetaMetrics® Score Interpreter delivers immediate Lexile measures and more with this flyer.

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