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Any education company can work with us to have their assessments’ reading results reported in Lexile® measures. We work with assessment publishers who develop:

  • Norm-referenced assessments
  • Interim/benchmark assessments
  • International assessments
  • Spanish assessments
  • Assessments for homeschoolers
  • Reading and writing programs

The Process

We’ll work closely with you to develop a custom solution. Generally, we work with customers in one of two ways:

  1. We perform a linking study to correlate your assessment’s scale score to the Lexile scale, allowing for Lexile measures to be reported on test results.
  2. Together, we’ll build an assessment. You can either have us develop a new, unique assessment with one-of-a-kind test items, or lease vetted test items from our test item bank. You can use either method to build an adaptive assessment solution that produces Lexile measures in real-time.

Other Services for Assessment Publishers

We can also help you analyze the readability of your assessments. Using our analytics tools, we can examine:

  • Whether the reading level of an assessment changes over time.
  • How the assessment compares to other reading assessments of a similar nature.
  • The reading demand of a content area assessment with that of a reading assessment at the same level.
  • How an assessment published in Spanish compares to the English version.

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