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The Quantile Framework evaluates student mathematical ability and the difficulty of specific mathematical skills and concepts on the same developmental scale. In the same way that educators use the The Lexile® Framework for Reading, The Quantile Framework for Mathematics can be used to match students with targeted materials.

The Quantile Framework takes the guesswork out of mathematics instruction.

With Quantile measures, educators can more effectively identify materials that best support instruction targeted to the ability of each student in their classroom.

You don’t need to perform an additional assessment to get a Quantile measure. A growing number of instructional programs and assessments are linked with the Quantile Framework, and students who take these tests get a Quantile measure.

Quantile measures provide a detailed snapshot of a student’s knowledge of specific math concepts as well as readiness to move on to more advanced topics. Educators often use Quantile measures to determine gaps in mathematical knowledge as well as identify math topics that advanced students are ready to explore.

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