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At MetaMetrics®, we realize that Lexile® and Quantile® measures don’t live in a vacuum. Education companies, educators, parents and students all want to know what their ability means in relation to the world they live in. All of those involved in a student’s education are interested in things like how the student’s Lexile measure compares to peers in their grade, state standards and even to college courses and future careers.

We have the data and research to help you make these connections.

Lexile & Quantile Career Databases

Analyze students’ reading and math ability in relation to career readiness for over 700 careers with the Lexile and Quantile Career Databases. Data include education requirements, typical salary ranges and market demand. Lexile and Quantile measures are the only metrics available to compare and describe the reading and math demands of a specific job.

Learn more by reading our Lexile & Quantile Career Databases overview flyer or Research Brief: Enriching the Concept of Career Preparedness by Examining Text Complexity Associated with Bright Outlook Occupations.

Lexile & Quantile Forecasting API 

Plan instruction by forecasting student performance in reading and math toward college and career readiness with the Lexile & Quantile Forecasting API (Application Forecasting Interface).

Lexile & Quantile National User Norms

Give meaning to student test scores by comparing them to the scores of their peers. The Lexile and Quantile National User Norms are based on millions of students who took assessments that report Lexile and Quantile measures. With the norms, educators can compare student test results to national normative percentile rankings.

Lexile & Quantile State Performance Standards Database 

See how Lexile and Quantile measures align with state proficiency standards for those states whose assessments are linked with the Lexile and Quantile Framework and use the Lexile and Quantile State Performance Standards Database.

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