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Are you an educator or a parent?

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Key Contacts

For Press Inquiries
Elizabeth Lattanzio
Vice President, Marketing Communications
919.354.3482 |

State Departments of Education
Anne Schiano
Senior Vice President, Government Relations
518.257.0434 |

Education Companies
Trilby Berger
Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships 
919.547.3427 |

Partner Support
Lisa Bickel
Vice President, Customer Success
814.566.7296 |

Emily Weller
Manager, Measurement Services
919.547.3452 |

Global Services
Jason Turner
Vice President, Global Services

Are you coming to visit?

You’ll find us at:

1000 Park Forty Plaza, Suite 120
Durham, North Carolina 27713
Phone: 919.547.3400
Fax: 919.547.3401
Toll Free: 1.888.LEXILES (539.4537)