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The Quantile Advantage for Education Companies

Adding Quantile® measures to math programs and assessments turns the idea of personalized learning into a reality. Even if assessments and curriculum come from different education companies, when they’re supported by the Quantile Framework for Mathematics, educators are suddenly comparing apples to apples.

Education companies around the world incorporate Quantile measures into their products and services because they:

  • Transform one-size-fits-all products and assessments into personalized learning solutions.
  • Provide educators and families with actionable information. A test score becomes an insightful learning indicator, and instructional materials are easily matched to student abilities.
  • Monitor growth and provide the ability to forecast how students will perform on state assessments.
  • Offer validity and continuity for schools and districts. When math assessments and instructional materials are all on the same scientifically-proven scale, teachers and administrators can easily track progress and report results.

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Today’s K–12 educators face the challenge of personalizing learning, typically teaching in classrooms with 20 or more students with a wide range of skills and abilities.

What’s it Like to Partner With Us?

At MetaMetrics®, our partners are the experts in their fields. Our job is to work with each education company individually to develop solutions that expand the possibilities for their products and assessments.

When you work with MetaMetrics, your team grows with the insight and experience of our staff, half of whom are psychometricians, data scientists and researchers with more than 600 years of combined experience. We work with:

  • Testing/assessment developers
  • Content developers, publishers, book sellers and book distributors
  • Education technology companies
  • Curriculum development companies
  • State departments of education, also known as state education agencies

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