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Introducing Quantile Measures

Learn about Quantile measures and the value they bring to your testing products.

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We’re here to help! We share your vision for each student to be ready to meet the demands of college and careers. As partners in that work, we are here to support your efforts in understanding and using the Quantile Framework to help meet your goals.

Lisa Bickel

Vice President, Customer Success
lbickel@lexile.com | 814-566-7296

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to FAQs regarding Quantile measures, research, college and career readiness and more:

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What other tools would enhance your products?

Our technologies and services can be leveraged to provide your customers with additional insights about students’ abilities and growth.

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Add Quantile measures to your textbooks, digital products or resources? MetaMetrics’ content measurement team can provide Quantile measures for math materials.
Direct teachers to exactly where a struggling student needs to begin in your content to learn a particular skill or concept? Create student learning pathways in your math content with the Quantile® Sequencing Service.
Provide actionable measures for your literacy products? Provide a way to measure more of the literacy construct and better understand students’ strengths and weaknesses with the Lexile® Framework for Reading and Lexile® Framework for Oral Reading.