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When you link your math assessments to the Quantile Framework for Mathematics, you’re transforming a math score into a tool for personalized learning. A student’s Quantile® measure helps teachers identify what concepts and skills they’re ready to learn. In addition, it gives schools and districts a standardized method for both reporting scores and measuring progress.

The Process

We work closely with education companies to create assessments that generate a Quantile student measure by evaluating the content of the test and how students respond to that content. In general, we work with you in one of two ways:

  • We perform a linking study to correlate the items on your assessments with the Quantile® scale, and then present results as a Quantile student measure.
  • Together, we’ll build a new test. We can develop custom, one-of-a-kind test items to build an adaptive assessment solution that produces Quantile measures in real-time.

Other Services for Assessment Publishers

Using the Quantile Framework, we can also help you analyze the mathematical demand of your math test. For example, we can examine:

  • Whether the skills and concepts tested in your assessment have become more or less demanding in recent years.
  • Whether the reading level required is similar to the math skills required to solve a problem.

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