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When you link your math assessments to the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics, you’re transforming a math score into a tool for personalized learning. A student’s Quantile® measure helps teachers identify what concepts and skills they’re ready to learn. In addition, it gives schools and districts a standardized method for both reporting scores and measuring progress.

The Process

We work closely with education companies to create assessments that generate a Quantile student measure by evaluating the content of the test and how students respond to that content. In general, we work with you in one of two ways:

  • We perform a linking study to correlate the items on your assessments with the Quantile scale, and then present results as a Quantile student measure.
  • Together, we’ll build a new test. We can develop custom, one-of-a-kind test items to build an adaptive assessment solution that produces Quantile measures with immediate reporting.

Other Services for Assessment Publishers

Using the Quantile Framework, we can also help you analyze the mathematical demand of your math test. For example, we can examine:

  • Whether the skills and concepts tested in your assessment have become more or less demanding in recent years.
  • Whether the reading level required is similar to the math skills required to solve a problem.

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