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The Lexile Advantage for Education Companies

More than 200 education companies, ed tech companies and publishers power their products with The Lexile® Framework for Reading because Lexile® measures:

  • Are the most widely used reading measures. More than half of U.S. students receive a Lexile measure each year.
  • Provide educators and families with actionable information. Teachers and parents rely on Lexile measures to match students with text at all ages and reading levels.
  • Monitor growth and provide the ability to forecast how students will perform on state assessments.
  • Offer a high-value, cost-effective marketing tool. The ubiquity of Lexile measures make them a valuable selling feature.

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What’s it Like to Partner With Us?

At MetaMetrics®, we take our partnerships very seriously. We work closely with education companies, ed tech companies and publishers to develop custom approaches to integrate the Lexile Framework for Reading into their products, programs and services.

When you partner with us, your company’s team grows because you have access to our staff and research — a wealth of psychometric experience that can be leveraged to build and implement your ideas, products and services.

We work with:

  • Testing/assessment developers.
  • Content developers, publishers, book sellers and book distributors.
  • Ed tech companies.
  • Curriculum development companies.
  • State departments of education.

Leverage the Lexile Advantage

Interested in learning more about how to leverage the Lexile Advantage for your product or service? Check out our customized products and services.

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