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Quantile Measures for Students

A student’s Quantile measure helps educators and parents confirm the skills and concepts a student has mastered and what the student is ready to learn next.

MetaMetrics® partners with many assessment developers, such as state departments of education and education companies, report Quantile measures from their products and programs.

Quantile Skill and Concept (QSC) Measures

Our researchers have defined nearly 500 mathematics skills and/or concepts. Each of these skills and/or concepts has a Quantile measure, which shows how difficult one skill is in relation to others. The description of a skill and/or concept and its Quantile measure is called a Quantile Skill and Concept (QSC).

Educators and parents can compare Quantile student measures to the Quantile Skill and Concept measures to determine which mathematics concepts students are ready to learn. More than 600 textbooks and software programs with over 80,000 lessons, as well as over 3,100 online and downloadable resources, have been calibrated to the Quantile® scale.

Which Products Are Right for Your State Department of Education?

Browse our database of educational partners who create assessment and programs reporting Quantile student measures and instructional materials with Quantile measures.