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MetaMetrics® developed the Lexile® Framework for Oral Reading as a tool to offer broader insight into a student’s literacy skills. Our measurement frameworks that evaluate the entire literacy domain to help ensure that students are on a path to academic success and monitor progress toward college and career readiness. Similar to the Lexile® Framework for Reading, the Lexile Framework for Oral Reading is a scientific approach to measuring both students’ oral reading ability and the oral readability of text on the same Lexile scale.

Oral reading assessments powered by the Lexile Framework for Oral Reading offer more precise measurements of students’ abilities than typical, teacher administered oral reading assessments because Lexile measures precisely evaluate the oral readability of texts that students read aloud. Students read easier texts faster and harder texts more slowly. When the text’s oral readability is measured along with a student’s accuracy and speed in reading aloud, a student’s oral reading performance is measured more accurately.

Offer Easy Testing, Accurate Reporting and Reliable Growth Tracking

Oral reading assessments using the Lexile Framework for Oral Reading are quick to administer and are a reliable way to measure student oral reading ability at certain levels. Available for fall 2021, the Lexile Framework for Oral Reading enables early elementary educators (of students reading texts at BR100L-800L) to:

  • Receive quick, objective, accurate and consistent oral reading assessment results delivered automatically. No manual scoring!
  • Individualize assessments for students by selecting custom, not preset, oral reading passages. Almost any text can be submitted without prior norming!
  • Track growth using highly sensitive Lexile oral reading measures for frequent – even weekly – progress monitoring.

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