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Lexile Measures for Spanish-Speaking Students | El Sistema Lexile® Para Leer

The number of English Language Learners (ELLs) in the United States continues to grow. However, each state is unique, with certain schools and districts where accelerating achievement for ELLs is a priority. Of those students who speak English as a second language, Spanish-speaking students are now the second-largest student population enrolled in public schools.1

El Sistema Lexile Para Leer is a unique reading framework for Spanish readers and Spanish text. Just like The Lexile® Framework for Reading, it’s a powerful tool for measuring Spanish students’ reading abilities, personalizing learning and improving achievement.

1 National Center for Education Statistics. Fast Facts: English Language Learners

For Spanish-speaking students, educators use each student’s Spanish Lexile measure to connect them with ability-appropriate, supplemental materials on important lessons and topics, keeping them on track to meet state performance standards while strengthening their reading skills in their native language.

Growing Demand for Spanish Assessments & Materials

We developed El Sistema Lexile because of schools’ growing demand for Spanish assessments and materials. We partner with education companies and publishers to incorporate Spanish Lexile measures into their products and materials. In addition, we work with state departments of education around the country to create and link their assessments to El Sistema Lexile.

Lexile Measures for Spanish Speaking Students

If your state is looking to assess student reading in Spanish, learn more about how El Sistema Lexile can offer your stakeholders the standardization and universal measurement they’ve come to expect from Lexile measures.

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See who’s offering Lexile measures in their Spanish products and services — including assessments.

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