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Quantile measures allow state departments of education (DoEs) to connect state assessments to classroom instruction. The number of DoEs that have linked their state assessments with Quantile measures continues to grow. For a complete list of DoEs that report Quantile measures from their state assessments, click here.

Benefits of Linking Your State Assessment to Quantile Measures

When state assessments report math scores as Quantile measures, assessment results become so much more than just scores. Quantile measures are a tool for educators to personalize instruction and an understandable talking point for parents and other stakeholders.

Linking Your State Test to Quantile Measures

If you want your state assessment to report student math ability as Quantile measures, we work with you to perform a linking study. To do this, our team of skilled psychometricians and researchers collaborates with you and your assessment director or testing contractor to recruit a sample of students to participate in the study. Once data is collected and the study is performed, our team delivers a technical report that provides the Quantile conversion table and summarizes the analysis.

When the report is approved and a signed licensing agreement is in place, your department can begin reporting Quantile measures from your state assessments. You won’t have to do this study every year, and, if you partner with a major publisher who partners with MetaMetrics®, you may not need to do this study at all. For example, if your state department contracts with a publisher that provides test results in Quantile measures, your assessment is already linked. We can work with you to analyze and better leverage the Quantile measures you already have.

You can also browse our database of educational partners who create assessments and math products that report Quantile measures:

  • View assessments and math programs that report Quantile measures.
  • View math materials that match skills and concepts to Quantile measures.

Becoming a State Partner

We partner with many DoEs to set standards, provide professional development and support their educational objectives. Learn more about our Quantile products and services.

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