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Quantile measures are an increasingly common standard for math assessment and instruction across the United States. The best education companies in the world have partnered with us to incorporate the Quantile Framework for Mathematics into their products and services.

Logo wall features sampling of certified partners that provide Quantile measures.

Types of Companies That Use Quantile Measures

  • Assessment developers and publishers
  • Curriculum developers
  • Textbook publishers
  • Ed tech companies

Help Educators With Quantile Measures

Companies use Quantile measures to help educators get a complete picture of their students’ math abilities and find materials to accelerate their learning. Our education company partners develop products that specifically help educators with: Screening and assessment for early intervention. Predictive measurements for college and career readiness tests, like the SAT®. Aligning assessment scores with state standards and objectives. Differentiating math instruction.Computer-based, adaptive math instruction.

Use Quantile Measures

See Products & Services Offering Quantile Measures

Explore the different types of tests and products that report out Quantile measures for students and learning materials.

Certified Quantile Partners