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Lexile® measures provide educators with an interpretive — not prescriptive — tool for measuring student growth and predicting future success.

Lexile measures are the most ubiquitous reading measure in the world. In the United States, more than 35 million children from all 50 states receive Lexile measures from classroom or state assessments, and more than 100 million, articles, books and websites have Lexile measures.

As an educator, Lexile measures make it easy for you to personalize learning across the curriculum. Free tools help you measure growth, recommend and access reading materials and communicate with parents about student progress.

Use our popular “Find a Book” tool to match your students with books at their level. “Find a Book” lets you search from over 275,000 books to build custom reading lists based on Lexile range and interests.

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Discover how Lexile measures are being used to improve instruction and monitor growth across the nation.