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This guide brings your staff up to speed with what they need to know about Lexile and Quantile measures.

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Communications Resources

Browse our templates for score reports, website descriptions, press releases and more.

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State Examples

See how other states’ education agencies enhanced their initiatives with Lexile and Quantile measures.

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Learn more about the Toolkit with this 5 minute walkthrough.

Meet Your Lexile & Quantile Support Team

Luci Willits
SVP, Government Relations | 208.830.7322

Julie Worden
Director of Government Relations | 919.995.0027

Matt Copeland
Director of Educator Engagement and Implementation | 785.817.4403

David Barnes
Professional Learning Program Manager | 785.817.1456


Glossary & Trademark Guidelines

Our Partner & Media Kit contains a glossary, our branding guidelines, a summary of our social channels, logos and more.

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Plan for Future License Agreements

There are many allowable funding sources to continue reporting Lexile and Quantile measures.

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