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Our partners depend on us to provide insight and custom solutions to boost the value of their offerings. Many of the best mathematics products in the industry have gained a clear competitive advantage by incorporating the Quantile Framework for Mathematics. For more information about how we can help, check out our Quantile Consulting & Development Services flyer.

Measure Students’ Math Ability & Progress

State and local mathematics assessments around the United States use Quantile measures to establish a clear picture of student achievement and progress. We can help you develop math assessment products that incorporate Quantile measures in a number of ways. We can collaborate to:

  • Conduct a study to determine how to link your existing math assessments to the Quantile scale.
  • Develop custom math assessments using your content that report Quantile measures.
  • Lease your test items to build an assessment that reports Quantile measures.

Learn more about how to have your assessment or product report Quantile measures for students.

Measure Math Materials

The Quantile Framework helps bridge the link between student ability and instructional materials. The skills and concepts outlined in your instructional materials can be measured on the Quantile scale, giving educators valuable information about the best way to use your materials to accelerate learning for their students. Our measurement services are used for products such as:

  • Textbook lessons
  • Problem sets
  • Instructional materials
  • Lesson plans
  • Web games

Learn more about how to have your learning materials assigned a Quantile measure.

Staff & Sales Training

We provide custom training for your sales and sales training staff to help them gain a foundational understanding of the Quantile Framework and how it can be applied to accelerate student achievement.

Together with your company, we develop proof points to tie the Quantile competitive advantage to what matters most to your customers — state and national standards, college and career readiness and measuring mathematical progress.

Learn more about our sales training offerings.