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Introducing Lexile Measures

Learn all about the Lexile® Framework for Reading and the value that Lexile measures, an actionable metric, bring to your testing products.


Communicate With Your Customers

Use these communication resources to highlight the value of Lexile measures for your customers.


See How Others Use the Measures

How do education and assessment companies market their products? Find out!


Here for Your Success

We’re here to help! We share your vision for each student being ready to meet the demands of college and careers. As partners in that work, we are here to support your efforts in understanding and using the Lexile Framework to help meet your goals.

Lisa Bickel

Vice President, Customer Success
lbickel@lexile.com | 814-566-7296

Branding Guidelines

Access the MetaMetrics Branding Guidelines to learn more about our trademarks and how to apply them.


Leverage the Lexile Logo

Use the Lexile logo or certified partner seal in your marketing to alert customers that you offer Lexile reading measures!


Sample RFP Language

Use our sample language for responding to RFPs that require a growth metric.

Language for RFP

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to FAQs regarding Lexile measures, research, student/text relationships and more:

What other tools would enhance your products?

Our technologies and databases can be leveraged to provide your customers with additional insights about forecasting students’ abilities, potential for growth and college/career paths.

Want to…?


Determine the text complexity of your content?
The Lexile® Text Analyzer to target your content to match students at different reading levels.
Develop products and assessments that target vocabulary students should know?
The Lexile® WordBank to ensure your test items use vocabulary students have been exposed to or you can integrate high-priority academic words for vocabulary instruction into materials and learning products.
Assess students’ preliteracy reading skills?
The Lexile® Item Bank to create assessments that evaluate alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness and phonics.
Determine students’ oral reading abilities?
The new Lexile® Framework for Oral Reading to provide a way to measure more of the literacy construct and better understand students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Help Center

Looking for technical support? Visit our Partner Help Center for knowledge base articles, API documentation and more!

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