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When student math scores are reported as Quantile® measures, educators in that state have access to a set of powerful tools for accelerating student achievement. A student’s Quantile measure gives educators a close indication of their readiness to learn specific math skills and concepts, making it much easier for them to personalize learning.

For example, educators can:

  • Connect students with math materials that they have the ability to understand because they’ve already mastered the underlying concepts and are ready to build on those concepts.
  • Help math students at all levels, whether they’re reluctant, struggling or high-achieving.
  • Determine and adjust the content of teacher-developed testing materials.
  • Pre-teach needed math concepts before a new unit is introduced.

Quantile Measures as a Communications Tool

It’s often difficult to communicate student progress in math to stakeholders and constituents, especially when scores are presented on various scales. Using Quantile measures, a common scale, provides state departments of education the ability to collect and analyze data and easily report success on a state, district or even individual program level.

Leverage the Quantile Advantage

Interested in learning how to leverage Quantile measures for your state department of education?

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