The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics - MetaMetrics Inc.
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Your child’s math score means a lot more when it’s reported as a Quantile® measure.

Similar to the Lexile® Framework for Reading, the Quantile Framework measures both the math skill level of your child and the difficulty of math skills and concepts on the same developmental scale. Quantile measures help your child’s teacher know which skills and concepts they’re ready to learn next.

Your child’s teacher can also use Quantile measures to discover gaps in mathematical knowledge, as well as determine whether your child is ready to move onto more advanced topics.

Your child gets a Quantile measure from their classroom or state assessment. Math skills and concepts content, such as math textbooks and online instructional materials, also get a Quantile measure. Using those two measures together, parents and teachers can match students with resources that help them connect the dots between different math skills and concepts, and build on their learning.

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