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Our Lexile PowerV® vocabulary Application Programming Interface (API) and service uses a book or piece of text to develop a vocabulary list that contains challenging words a student should know when reading a book.

Education companies use this technology to build differentiated instructional capabilities into their reading programs and materials. It’s available as an API or as an add-on service when you submit a book or other text to be measured.

How Does it Work?

Lexile PowerV analyzes the entire text to generate a PowerV vocabulary list. It chooses words that are:

  • Challenging. Harder words are identified as being above the Lexile® measure of the surrounding text.
  • Relevant. Words are chosen that appear more frequently in this text compared to texts in general.
  • Consequential. Words are identified as academic and important for success at school.

Licensing Options

Two PowerV licensing options are available.

1. The Lexile PowerV technology is available as a convenient API. With the Lexile PowerV API:

  • Vocabulary lists can be generated for a large quantity of texts.
  • Vocabulary lists can be generated at specific Lexile ranges from a piece of text.
  • Vocabulary lists from over 125,000 titles are accessible when used with the Lexile Titles Database™.

2. Lexile PowerV is also offered as an add-on service for Lexile text measurement.

  • By using this add-on, a Lexile PowerV vocabulary list (up to 20 words) will be returned with your certified Lexile text measure.
  • The add-on service fee is $10 per book.

Explore the research behind the PowerV technology:

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