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State departments of education (DoEs) partner with us to make student Lexile measures available on an annual basis through their state assessment programs. We have linked the Lexile scale to 25 state assessments and this number continues to grow. For a complete list of states that report Lexile measures from their state assessments, click here.

DoEs also link their Spanish reading assessments to El Sistema Lexile® para Leer to report student Spanish Lexile measures. Reporting student Spanish Lexile measures provide progress monitoring and learning resources for Spanish readers similar to those provided to English readers through the Lexile Framework.

Benefits of Linking Your State Assessment to Lexile Measures

When DoEs report Lexile measures from their statewide assessments, it’s much easier to demonstrate the value of those tests to stakeholders throughout their states. States can evaluate student improvement from a longitudinal perspective, from kindergarten through high school, and even further engage parents in their children’s education.

Linking Your State Test to Lexile Measures

If you want your state assessment to report student reading abilities as Lexile measures, we will work with you to perform a linking study. To do this, our team of skilled psychometricians and researchers collaborates with you and your assessment director or testing contractor to recruit a sample of students to participate in the study. Once data is collected and the study is performed, our team delivers a technical report that provides the Lexile conversion table and summarizes the analysis.

When the report is approved and a signed licensing agreement is in place, your department can begin reporting Lexile measures from your state assessments. You won’t have to do this study every year, and, if you partner with a major test publisher who partners with MetaMetrics®, you may not need to do this study at all. For example, within the last 10 years, the California Department of Education has used three different assessments by two different publishers—Pearson and McGraw-Hill. Because both publishers’ tests were already linked to The Lexile® Framework for Reading, California is able to use Lexile measures to track student literacy growth long term.

You can also browse our list of educational company partners who create assessments, reading programs and materials that report Lexile measures:

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We partner with many DoEs to set standards, provide professional development and support their educational objectives. Learn more about our Lexile products and services.

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