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The creation of the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics was born out of the realization that there is the same wide range of student abilities in most math classes as there is in reading classes. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, our researchers built the Quantile Framework. Like Lexile® measures, Quantile® measures allow students and tasks, skills and concepts, to be placed on the same scale. Having a common scale on which the measurement of students’ math skills, as well as all math content, are placed provides the critical link for supporting personalized learning in math.

Quantile measures take the guesswork out of instruction for educators by describing which mathematical skills and concepts the student has learned and is ready to learn.

How do Quantile measures help education companies?

Quantile measures allow education companies to bring the power of personalized math instruction to their products and programs by matching learners with resources.

  • Quantile measures provide education companies with a scientifically valid tool for powering their products to connect learners with math resources.
  • With Quantile measures, education companies can enhance their products and programs to track student growth in math.
  • Quantile measures allow education companies to create products that predict student readiness for math learning.
  • When their products and programs report Quantile measures, education companies have a competitive edge.

Discover Competitive Advantages

Why integrate Quantile measures into your product or service? Adding Quantile measures to your math programs and assessments makes the vision of personalized learning into a reality. Learn why education companies around the world incorporate Quantile measures into their products and services.

The Quantile Advantage