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Using Lexile® & Quantile® Measures in State DoEs

Making Test Scores Actionable
MetaMetrics® partners with state departments of education to link their state assessments to The Lexile® Framework for Reading and the Quantile Framework for Mathematics. Lexile and Quantile measures allow states to provide a valuable resource for educators, parents and students. Because MetaMetrics’ measures are actionable, they provide a clear path to improve achievement. Learn more about our state partnerships.

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Lexile & Quantile Measures in the Marketplace

Powering the World’s Best Education Products
Since we were founded 30 years ago, we’ve worked with hundreds of the top ed tech companies, assessment developers and curriculum publishers. They use Lexile and Quantile measures to personalize learning, monitor growth and accelerate student growth in their products. Learn more about how education companies are using Lexile and Quantile measures.