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As the universal standard for reading measurement, the Lexile metric enables students worldwide to improve their reading skills. Lexile measures connect students to “just right” books, articles and websites through extensive partnerships in research, government, publishing and technology. Each education company or publisher that we partner with has its own, unique way of incorporating Lexile measures into their products, assessments or resources. Although our approach is always customized, companies work with us to implement one or both of the following measures.

Lexile Reading Measures — for assessments and reading products

We work with test publishers and ed tech developers to help them report students’ reading scores as Lexile measures. Every year, more than 35 million Lexile reading measures are reported in all 50 states from more than 65 popular reading assessments, products and programs.

See who are our certified Lexile partners are and explore the different types of tests (high stakes, interim benchmark, international, Spanish) and products that report out Lexile measures for students.

Logo wall features a sample of certified partners that provide Lexile reading measures for students.

Lexile Text Measures — for reading programs and materials

A book, article or piece of text receives a Lexile text measure after it’s analyzed using our algorithm that evaluates semantic and syntactic characteristics. We partner with more than 200 content publishers and have measured more than 100 million books, articles and websites — and this number continues to grow every day! We also partner with the nation’s largest database service providers, including EBSCO, Gale and ProQuest, to provide Lexile measures for newspaper and magazine articles, as well as for encyclopedia and reference content.

Get to know our certified Lexile partners that provide Lexile measures for their books and articles. Whether it’s reading software, an online bookstore or the library catalog, chances are that these resources provide Lexile measures for their reading materials. Browse the different types of products that offer Lexile measures for their content.

Logo wall features sampling of certified partners that provide Lexile text measures.