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How Lexile® Measures Transform the World of Educational Policy & Practice

Lexile measures make test scores actionable and demonstrate the value of your state accountability program to stakeholders throughout your state.

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Linking Your State Test to Lexile Measures

To help your state assessments report student reading abilities as Lexile measures, we perform a linking study. To do this, our team of skilled psychometricians and researchers works with you and your assessment director or testing contractor to recruit a sample of students to participate in the study. Once data is collected and the study is performed, our team delivers a technical report that provides the Lexile conversion table and summarizes the analysis.

When the report is approved and a signed licensing agreement is in place, your department can begin reporting Lexile measures from your state assessments. You won’t have to do this study every year, and, if you partner with a major publisher who partners with MetaMetrics®, you may not need to do this study at all. For example, within the last 10 years, the California Department of Education has used three different assessments by two different publishers — Pearson and McGraw-Hill. Because both publishers’ tests were already linked to The Lexile® Framework for Reading, California is able to use the Lexile reading measure to track student literacy in the long term.

Thought-Leadership Partners

As the leading education authority in your state, we can help you provide data and guidance on tasks such as setting proficiency standards, implementing summer reading initiatives and college and career readiness policies. Through the use of the Lexile metric, we can help you:

  • See how your proficiency standards compare to other states we’ve partnered with.
  • Help students engage in targeted reading over the summer.
  • Identify the reading demands for college and in-demand careers.

Implementation Assistance

We help state departments of education connect what is happening at the state level with what is happening in classrooms. And we have a team ready to help you implement:

  • State-specific Lexile web content that explains Lexile measures and their use, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Personalized state Lexile® Maps that highlight preferred reading materials.
  • Parent Lexile brochures to post online, print and distribute.
  • A personalized Find a Book web page, making it easy for parents or students to find a book at the right reading level.
  • Lexile by Chapter Guides for specific books. These guides provide detailed information to help educators, parents and students better understand where the peaks and valleys of complexity reside within a text.
  • State Score Reports. We’ll work with you to provide descriptions of Lexile measures for state score reports, and can also add individualized, student instructional information on state score reports.
  • Lexile implementation guides to help various audiences talk about and use Lexile measures.
  • A Lexile Growth Planner® for your state website, allowing anyone to catalog student scores and predicts future achievement levels.

Predictive Analytics

Forecasting reading growth and providing an interpretive lens for reading performance are key to facilitating student success in reading and meet specific goals. We offer a tool to forecast reading growth, as well as data sets and services to provide an interpretive framework to student performance or text complexity, like student norm data and Lexile measures for in-demand careers. Discover the predictive analytics and data-driven services we offer.

We are Here to Help

We partner with state departments of education for consulting and ongoing professional learning opportunities:

  • Professional learning sessions and support for statewide implementation of Lexile measures.
  • Assistance in state-level outreach to publishers and education companies requesting Lexile and Quantile measures.
  • Two annual information sessions for state-sponsored or co-sponsored events for stakeholders such as regional education centers, the business community, school administrators, school librarians, teachers of English/language arts, school guidance counselors and/or parents.
  • Summer reading initiatives. MetaMetrics will work with the your state to launch or enhance your summer reading initiative using the research-based “Find a Book” tool.
  • MetaMetrics roundtable discussions and webinars. This series of discussions engages state education leaders to share tools and resources.
  • MetaMetrics’ States Lexile Brief. State leaders, identified by you, will receive e-newsletters which promote your state’s use of Lexile measures.

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