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About This Toolkit

We are grateful for your partnership. For 35 years, we have partnered with assessment and digital learning companies to help connect test scores with learning. Collaborations between MetaMetrics and assessment developers and education companies have inspired and produced some of the best education products in the industry.

More edtech and assessment companies than ever before are leveraging Quantile measures to accelerate math skills and help students graduate ready for success in college and careers. It is our pleasure to support you in the implementation of the Quantile Framework for Mathematics.

Malbert Smith

Co-founder and CEO of MetaMetrics

An Introductory Guide for Assessment Developers and Education Companies

Learn all about the Quantile Framework and the value that Quantile measures, an actionable metric, bring to your assessment, program or platform.

We’re Here to Help!

Lisa supports customer success by helping our partners understand and leverage Quantile measures. She ensures the successful implementation of every aspect of our deliverables and offers sales and implementation training.

Lisa Bickel

Vice President, Customer Success | 814.566.7296