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MetaMetrics® developed the Lexile® Framework for Listening as a tool to offer a more complete picture of students’ literacy skills than reading comprehension scores alone can provide. For years, the Lexile® Framework for Reading has been used to measure student growth and predict future success. Similar to the reading framework, the listening framework measures both listening ability and complexity of audio materials on the same Lexile developmental scale.

How Do Lexile Listening Measures Help Education Companies?

Reporting Lexile listening measures for students gives education products a competitive edge. With products and services powered by the Lexile Framework for Listening, education customers can:

  • Personalize learning by connecting students to audio content at their ability level.
  • Evaluate if their students can comprehend what they are hearing in class.
  • Measure student growth using a scientifically valid, objective approach.
  • Prepare students for state tests and for ELL exams that include listening.

“Finding the right level audio for your students is essential. It’s like finding the right shoe or glove that fits. These new Lexile audio measurements will make it easy for me to find the right fit to challenge my students to listen to more complex topics and content in order to stretch their comprehension levels. I can see it making an impact on how we teach listening skills.”

Jim Bentley, 5th grade teacher in Elk Grove District, CA

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