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MetaMetrics to Launch Advanced AI-Powered Scoring Tool for Student Writing

A new, AI-powered tool that instantly and accurately scores student writing is coming soon!

From the creators of the Lexile® Framework for Reading, MetaMetrics® Writing AccuRater will deliver efficiency and unmatched accuracy.

San Diego, CA – April 15, 2024 Today at ASU+GSV’s annual convening of education change-makers, MetaMetrics announces the MetaMetrics Writing AccuRater, a ground-breaking AI-powered tool designed to improve the scoring of student essays and writing submissions. The new automated scoring system will be available later this year.

“The Writing AccuRater is engineered to deliver immediate, high-quality evaluation of student writing, setting a new standard for automated scoring of writing assessments,” explained Alistair Van Moere, Ph.D., President of MetaMetrics. “This is a natural extension of our longstanding work in AI and will ensure quick, unbiased scoring that benefits both educators and students.”

Developed by award-winning leaders in text analysis, this innovative system will offer fast, accurate, and consistent essay scoring, aligning closely with expert human raters’ assessments. MetaMetrics leveraged its extensive corpus with millions of entries and a proprietary library of over 400 text features to build enhanced scoring algorithms.

Features of the MetaMetrics Writing AccuRater will include:

  • Seamless Integration: Delivered via a straightforward API, the service can be integrated into existing systems within a single business day.
  • Customizable Solutions: The system can be tailored to specific assessment tasks and criteria or a pre-trained, ready-to-deploy solution is available for quick integration.
  • Transparent Scoring: Our approach provides clear explanations and interpretations for the scores assigned by the auto-scoring system, eliminating any ambiguity.
  • Anomaly Detection: Specialized APIs are available to flag AI-generated content, sensitive or vulgar material, off-topic or plagiarized responses, and many other anomalies.

In recent years, MetaMetrics has been working with select partners to build and develop an AI-based scoring system, leading to testing in the field to prove accuracy. MetaMetrics outperformed the competition to be selected to automate the assessment of student writing in British Council’s Primary English Test, which was released last year. We are thrilled to broaden development for the larger market in 2024.

“With the development of the MetaMetrics Writing AccuRater, assessment providers will benefit from a tool that not only enhances the efficiency and accuracy of essay scoring but also integrates seamlessly with existing systems,” said Jing Wei, Ph.D., Vice President, AI & Product Innovation.

New Blog Series

Complementing the pre-announcement of the MetaMetrics Writing AccuRater, MetaMetrics is excited to launch a new blog series titled “Assessing with AI: Insights from the Machine Learning Minds at MetaMetrics.” The first set of posts in the series will focus on “Unlocking the Potential of AI to Score Student Writing,” providing in-depth analysis and exploration of various facets of AI-driven essay scoring. The inaugural post discusses the nuances between feature-based scoring and deep learning scoring models, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of the cutting-edge technology behind AI in educational assessments.

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