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Assessment Products Reporting Lexile Reading Measures

Many districts around the nation implement benchmark assessments several times a year and employ intervention programs to help monitor growth. The following assessment products report Lexile measures to guide instructional decisions throughout the year.

Product Name

Company Name

Grade Levels Reporting Lexile Reading Measures

Acadience® Reading
(formerly DIBELS Next®)
Acadience Learning K-6
Achieve3000® Literacy
(Levelset Assessment is integrated in the product.)
Achieve3000 2-12
Achieve3000® Spanish Literacy
(Spanish Levelset Assessment is integrated into the product.)
Achieve3000  2-12
(Contact ACT to initiate request for agreement between ACT and MetaMetrics to report Lexile measures.)
ACT 11-12
ACT® Aspire® 
(State or district contract needed to report the measures.)
ACT 3-8 and Early High School (9, 10)
aimsweb®Plus Pearson 1-8
Aprenda 3 (Spanish) Pearson K-12
Beable Life-Ready Literacy™
Lexile Placement Test – English
Beable K-12
Beable Life-Ready Literacy™
Lexile Placement Test – Spanish
Beable K-12
CASE Benchmark Assessments™ Certica/TE21 3-9
CTP 5 (Comprehensive Testing Program 5) Educational Records Bureau (ERB) 1-10
easyCBM® Riverside Insights K-8
Edge Cengage 9-12
eMPower Assessments™ Cognia 3-8
Exact Path Reading Assessment Edmentum K-12
FLEX Literacy® McGraw-Hill Education 3-10
Galileo® Benchmark Assessments Imagine Learning K-12
GMRT Fourth Edition (Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests) Riverside Insights 1-12
Inside Cengage 6-8
i-Ready Diagnostic Curriculum Associates K-12
ISIP™ Reading Istation K-8
ISIP™ Español Istation K-3
LANGUAGE!® Voyager Sopris Learning 3-12
LAS Links® Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) K-12
LAS Links Español Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) K-12
Lexia® RAPID™ Assessment Lexia Learning K-12
Lightsail Embedded Assessments Lightsail K-12
Literacy Pro™ Scholastic 1-12
MAP Growth® (Measures of Academic Progress) Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) K-11
MAP® Reading Fluency™ (Measures of Academic Progress)
(Note: Reports Lexile oral reading measures.)
Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) PreK-3
mCLASS® DIBELS® Next Amplify K-6
mCLASS® Text Reading and Comprehension Test (TRC) Amplify K-5
MyLab Reading Pearson 4-13
MyON® Reader Renaissance K-12
MyON® Reader Spanish Renaissance K-5
PAR (Progress Assessment of Reading)
(PAR embedded within products)
Voyager Sopris Learning 1-10
Performance Series Scantron K-12
(State or district contract needed to report the measures.)
College Board 10
PSAT 8/9
(State or district contract needed to report the measures.)
College Board 8-9
Reading Horizons Discovery® Reading Horizons K-3
Reading Horizons Elevate® Reading Horizons 4-12
Reading Inventory® Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) K-12
Reading Level Assessment (RLA) Imagine Learning 2-6
Rosen LevelUp Rosen K-2
(State or district contract needed to report the measures.)
College Board 11-12
SAT10 (Stanford Achievement Test) Pearson K-12
Star Early Literacy® Renaissance K-2
Star Reading® Renaissance 1-12
Star Reading Assessments® in Spanish Renaissance 1-12
TerraNova Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) K-12
The Iowa Assessments™ Riverside Insights 1-12
Total Reader EDmin K-20
Updated 08/27/2020