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Content creation at your fingertips.

The Lexile Text Analyzer Content Creator generates a Lexile measure for internal development purposes so you can finish your project knowing the Lexile measure is right where it needs to be. Simply submit your edited text and receive a Lexile measure based on the text’s complexity along with word count, mean sentence length and mean log word frequency. It also offers data on early-reading text characteristics like decodability for texts that are 650L and below.

The Most Advanced Analyzer Ever!

Here is what the new Lexile Text Analyzer Content Creator has to offer:

  • Access content editing tools
    • Develop content at specific Lexile levels.
    • Develop content without word count limitations.
    • Receive exact Lexile measures throughout the content development process.
  • View additional qualitative and quantitative metrics
    • Gain greater insights about the complexity of content being developed.
    • Utilize early reading indicators to help identify important content features in early-reading materials that could present more or less of a challenge for a beginning reader.
    • View additional metrics such as average sentence length and word frequency to tailor content to a specific Lexile level or range.
  • Leverage rich collaboration features
    • Manage content development across all members of a team with access to measurement history, version control, and content tagging capabilities.
  • Enhance content development with vocabulary tools
    • Access consequential vocabulary with Lexile PowerV to identify words that are of a challenging level and relevant to the content.
  • Bring Lexile measured content to market quickly
    • Utilize the instant certification feature on finalized content to allow for certified measures to be shared publicly without delay. (Note: Requires content certification subscription.)


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