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Imagine Learning Now Reports Lexile Measures

Imagine Learning Now Reports Lexile® Measures

Literacy Assessment Uses Popular Reading Metric to Measure Student Reading Ability and Match Readers With Text

PROVO, UT and DURHAM, NC — (November 03, 2015) — Imagine Learning®, the developer of focused language and literacy software for students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, and MetaMetrics®, developer of the widely adopted Lexile® Framework for Reading, today announced their partnership. Imagine Learning will now provide Lexile® measures from the reading assessment offered in the Imagine Learning program for elementary students. Lexile measures will help monitor progress towards state and college and career readiness standards, as well as target reading materials to the students’ abilities.

A Lexile measure represents both a student’s reading ability and the complexity of a text, such as a book or magazine article. When used together, Lexile reader measures and Lexile text measures help students and educators select reading materials that match each student’s unique ability. When students read text within their Lexile range, they are more likely to comprehend enough of the text to make sense of it, while still being sufficiently challenged to maintain interest and learning. Recognized as the standard for individually matching readers with texts, tens of millions of students worldwide receive Lexile measures to help them choose targeted readings from more than 100 million articles, books and websites that have been measured.

“When we know we can make a difference in the lives of kids and teachers, we search for better methods of doing just that,” said Joe Swenson, CEO of Imagine Learning. “By partnering with MetaMetrics and adopting the Lexile Framework, we serve our teachers and students in ways that they can measure.” Seija Surr, vice president of curriculum, agrees. “Imagine Learning offers a rich array of resources to build reading level. We are elated to have this valid, reliable measure to demonstrate that growth.”

Imagine Learning is a language and literacy software program that features interactive activities, videos and games. The research-based software program differentiates literacy instruction for students with a variety of needs. Imagine Learning personalizes the experience by providing systematic instruction that adapts to each student’s needs. The Lexile reader measures that are available in Imagine Learning can be used to calculate growth in reading ability. Educators can also access Lexile measures to find leveled books that will produce a targeted reading experience.

“We are thrilled Imagine Learning is using Lexile measures to help elevate children’s academic performance,” said Malbert Smith, III, Ph.D., president and co-founder of MetaMetrics. “To better prepare students for college and careers, it is vital to tailor the reading experience to the individual learner and ensure every student is on a trajectory to be college and career ready. We are excited Lexile measures are being used in those two capacities by the highly regarded Imagine Learning.”

About Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning delivers award-winning language and literacy solutions to elementary students throughout the U.S. and around the world. Imagine Learning creates educational software that uses engaging, one-on-one instruction to meet students’ individual learning needs. The software is research-based, instructionally differentiated and incredibly fun to use. Also available on iPad and Chromebook, Imagine Learning supports a dynamic blended learning experience. For more information, please visit

About MetaMetrics

MetaMetrics is focused on improving education for learners of all ages and ability levels. The organization develops scientific measures of academic achievement and complementary technologies that link assessment results with real-world instruction. MetaMetrics’ products and services for reading (The Lexile® Framework for Reading, El Sistema Lexile® para Leer), mathematics (The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics) and writing (The Lexile® Framework for Writing) provide unique insights about academic ability and the potential for growth, enabling individuals to achieve their goals at every stage of development. Connect with the organization at: