Students can plot their Lexile measures and Quantile measures (from state summative assessments) in the Growth Planner to check for college and career readiness. If a student is projected to fall short of goals, the Growth Planner identifies the recommended path to close the gap and includes free online resources to encourage and promote reading and math growth.

In this year’s Tech & Learning contest that seeks out the best in education technology, nominated products were judged on two key factors: their uniqueness in the classroom, school or district, and whether or not the nominated product solved specific problems.

The Growth Planner does both. As the developer of the widely adopted Lexile Framework® for Reading and Quantile Framework® for Mathematics, MetaMetrics provides the Growth Planner as a way to apply a universal metric to forecast and monitor growth toward key milestones. More than half of the students in the United States receive Lexile and Quantile measures from a variety of K-12 assessments. Lexile and Quantile measures are the only metrics available to determine the reading and math level required for specific occupations.

The updated Growth Planner’s career planning feature is available in states reporting Lexile and Quantile measures on their statewide annual tests. This feature allows students, educators and parents to explore reading and math demands of hundreds of careers including educational requirements, salary ranges and job availability.

According to twelfth-grade assessment results in recent years, including those from NAEP (National Assessment of Education Progress) tests, less than 40 percent of high school seniors have math and reading abilities that would make them academically prepared for college-level work.

By connecting Lexile and Quantile measures directly to college and career requirements, the Growth Planner provides students beginning in third grade with a clear picture of where they need to be to achieve their goals as well as a way to map their progress along the way. School districts are using the Growth Planner to put students on the path for college and career success.

“Lexile and Quantile measures provide a common language for the academic and business communities to talk about student growth. Rather than talking about standardized test scores, we can look at Lexile and Quantile growth and, using the Growth Planner, talk about potential careers for our students,” says Kevin O’Gorman, chief academic officer of the Berkeley County (SC) School District.

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