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MetaMetrics to Provide Lexile Measures for Amazon China English Language Books

Top Online Bookseller in China Now Offers Lexile measures

The Lexile Framework for Reading is a scientific approach to reading and text measurement, placing both readers and texts on the same scale. Long recognized as the universal standard for reading measurement, students and English Language learners from over 180 countries receive Lexile measures that can help them find books that are a right fit for their reading level. Lexile measures for readers and texts range from below 0L for beginning levels to above 2000L more advanced levels, with around 1300L being university- and career-ready. A book receives a Lexile measure when its text is run through an algorithm, which evaluates semantic and syntactic characteristics. Over a million books, articles and websites have received Lexile measures.

Amazon China launched its eBook store in December, 2012. Since then, Amazon has brought its full Kindle product portfolio, as well as Kindle Unlimited, to China, and cooperated with over 700 Chinese publishers and book importers to offer more than 660,000 e-titles to Chinese readers, of which 250,000 are English books.

“At MetaMetrics, we’re committed to helping English language learners improve their English reading ability,” said Malbert Smith III, Ph. D., CEO, president and co-founder of MetaMetrics. “We’re excited to work with Amazon China, which is one of China’s top online bookstores. By adding Lexile measures to book titles, Amazon China is helping its customers find high-interest books that match their reading level.”

The British Council predicts that the number of people actively learning English around the world will reach two billion by 2020. Lexile measures are being used in over 180 countries to improve English reading ability. When English language learners are able to find books and other texts within a range that matches their personal Lexile reading level, it promotes an appropriate challenge without creating unnecessary confusion or frustration. Lexile measures also allow for individuals to track their growth toward university and career readiness, preparing them for tests such as ETS®: TOEFL® Junior™ test and The TOEFL® Primary™ test.

A person receives a Lexile measure by taking a test that has been linked with the Lexile scale. In the U.S., Lexile measures are provided annually to over 35 million K-12 students in all 50 states through dozens of high-stakes assessments, formative assessments, and reading programs. In China, popular tests that have been linked with the Lexile scale include ETS®’s the TOEFL® Junior™ test, the TOEFL® Primary™ test, and an increasing number of companies report Lexile measures in their products, including New Oriental and Scholastic. And even more assessments and programs used throughout China are anticipated to start reporting Lexile measures later this year.

“We’re committed to providing our customers with the best reading experience and are always innovating on their behalf,” said Liu Shu, Director of Kindle Content at Amazon China. “We’re excited to help Amazon China customers easily find books that complement their reading level.”

Recognized as the most widely used measure of English reading, Lexile measures today connect tens of millions of students to more than 100 million articles and books through extensive partnerships in government, publishing, technology and research. For more information, visit

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