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MetaMetrics Unveils Lexile WordBank to Help Curriculum and Assessment Developers Identify Words Students Need to Know

New database of more than 50,000 relevant academic words provides better coverage than other word lists

Today’s students must develop a rich vocabulary to build the strong reading comprehension and writing skills necessary for success in school, college and careers. To support curriculum and assessment product developers as they create the best learning resources possible, MetaMetrics® today unveiled the Lexile® WordBank. The WordBank is a licensable database for integrating the words that students need to know into educational applications.

The WordBank includes more than 50,000 words from the top K-12 textbook programs, all published since 2011. The WordBank contains recent and relevant vocabulary, unlike other databases available today that were developed from out-of-date resources or texts intended for adults. The vocabulary in the WordBank spans the K-12 curriculum, including words from science, math, social studies and general vocabulary words, and is searchable by grade level and subject. It allows curriculum and assessment developers to transform vocabulary instruction by ensuring that their products and assessments contain the words students need to know when and where they encounter them.

“Learning the right words at the right time is key to building a solid vocabulary foundation,” said Malbert Smith, CEO and co-founder of MetaMetrics. “Our new Lexile WordBank provides curriculum and assessment developers with a vocabulary tool that provides the best coverage available, allowing them to see the words they should integrate into their applications and assessments.”

Using the Lexile WordBank, curriculum and assessment developers can identify where and when students will likely encounter words in their school reading and prioritize a subset of high-value words for a specific purpose. For example, using the Lexile WordBank, curriculum and assessment developers can answer questions, such as in what grade do students typically first encounter a specific word or what are the science vocabulary words a fourth-grade student should know.

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