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Santillana’s WeMaths Primary Program Now Reports Quantile Measures From MetaMetrics

Thousands of Latin American students will receive Quantiles scores from engaging, results-oriented math program

DURHAM, N.C. & MEXICO CITY, Mexico – September 28, 2021 – WeMaths©, an engaging program for primary students from Santillana, will now report Quantile® measures, making it even more results-oriented than ever before. Created by MetaMetrics®, the Quantile Framework for Mathematics places both the student and instructional material on the same scale to match the learner with math resources at their ability level. More than 20 million students around the world receive Quantile measures every school year from assessments.

“We are excited to grow our partnership with MetaMetrics by linking our WeMaths assessments to the Quantile Framework for Mathematics,” said Luis Guillermo Bernal, Global Content Director at Santillana. “We believe that when students learn math in a motivating environment where teachers are given tools to accelerate learning, they develop a deep understanding of math that will support them throughout their education and their lives. And Quantile measures prove all this in an objective, comparable way.”

Used in classrooms throughout Latin America, WeMaths was developed to strongly engage students in learning math so that they are excited and willing to study and understand. The program combines storytelling, motivating language, gamification and parental involvement to engage students in learning math. Along with printed materials, WeMaths features a digital platform where students have the opportunity to earn rewards while practicing math, helping to motivate them to learn.

“Santillana has combined a powerful philosophy of how primary students best learn math with a digital platform and data from learning assessments to create the WeMaths experience,” said Malbert Smith, CEO and co-founder, MetaMetrics. “Adding Quantile measures to WeMaths assessments gives teachers in classrooms throughout Latin America even more data to accelerate student math instruction.”

About Santillana

Santillana is the indisputable leader in the educational publishing market throughout Latin America, and is present in all the countries in the region. Its mission is to lead the educational transformation and digitalization of the K-12 ecosystem in Latin America through innovative content and the best technology solutions and educational consulting for students, schools and families.

As a part of Santillana’s innovation agenda, WeMaths is aimed to improve students’ academic attainment. This improvement is a direct consequence of careful planning, innovative teaching methods, use of emotion as a leverage for engagement and understanding and, crucially, data analytics converted to valuable information through a dashboard that allows informed decision making and pedagogical intervention.

WeMaths is also available in English for the bilingual market in Latin America, and is endorsed and distributed by Richmond brand.

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About MetaMetrics

MetaMetrics is an award-winning education technology organization that offers the only scientifically valid, universal scales for measuring silent and oral reading and listening (Lexile) and math (Quantile) with plans to develop measures for writing. The Lexile and Quantile Frameworks measure student ability and the complexity of the content they encounter. Lexile and Quantile measures and related technologies link assessment to instruction and provide next steps for students of all ages and abilities. The measures also provide valuable insights about students’ potential for growth. MetaMetrics’ measures, products and services are licensed to dozens of education product companies to help achieve that growth. For 35 years, MetaMetrics’ work has been increasingly recognized for its research-based approach to improving learning. For more information, visit