Ensuring College- and Career-Readiness

MetaMetrics® endorses the Common Core State Standards Initiative. This historic endeavor has established clear sets of K-12 standards to prepare students for the reading and mathematics demands of college and careers.

The teams charged with drafting the Standards asked that we share our collective research on text complexity and the reading demands of college, careers and life in general. This research was conducted over the past 20 years using The Lexile® Framework for Reading and is embodied in much of the Standards’ Appendix A.

With nearly all states having adopted the Standards, attention has shifted to the assessments that will evaluate college- and career-readiness. We encourage the use of Lexile and Quantile® measures to monitor student readiness for future academic and professional pursuits as students progress from grade school through high school graduation.

Lexile Measures and the ELA Standards

The ELA Standards cite Lexile measures as key indicators of text complexity. They provide recommended Lexile bands for reading comprehension development by grade levels to ensure students are preparing for the text demands of college and careers.

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Quantile Measures and the Mathematics Standards

The Quantile Framework for Mathematics is aligned with the Mathematics Standards. Quantile measures can be used to monitor students’ proficiency with increasingly complex mathematical skills and concepts as they progress to college- and career-ready.

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