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We partner with state departments of education across the country to combat summer learning loss by offering free, online reading and math tools to parents and students. We can also provide materials and implementation strategies to launch and enhance summer learning initiatives in your state. Visit our social media kit to increase engagement and help students grow over the summer. 

Summer Reading: Lexile® Find a Book

Find a Book is a book search tool that connects students with books based on their reading level and interests. Educators, parents and students can build a custom bookshelf, discover challenging vocabulary in books, and check book availability at the local library or on Amazon.

Resources for Reading:

Summer Find a Book Flyer | Spanish Find a Book Flyer
Summer Reading Log | Spanish Summer Reading Log
Summer Reading Certificate | Spanish Summer Reading Certificate
Find a Book Web Banner | Spanish Web Banner (Alt Text for Web Banners)

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Find a Book

Summer Math: Quantile® Summer Math Challenge

The Summer Math Challenge is a six-week online free math skills maintenance program for students who have just completed grades 1-8. Students can access math learning activities on weekly topics that are aligned with state math standards to help them retain math skills learned during the previous school year.

Resources for Math:

Summer Math Challenge FlyerSpanish Summer Math Challenge Flyer
Summer Math CertificateSpanish Summer Math Certificate
Summer Math Web Banner | Spanish Web Banner (Alt Text for Web Banners)

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Summer Math Challenge

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