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The following apps use Lexile measures to match readers with level-appropriate books. Early Learning Academy is a winner of numerous awards from national educational, parent, and media organization, our flagship product is the leading and most comprehensive digital early learning resource for children ages 2-8. Early Learning Academy offers a research-validated curriculum for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade with more than 9,000 individual Learning Activites and more than 850 complete lessons along our Step-by-Step Learning Path. ABCmouse encompasses all key academic subject areas, including literacy, math, science, health, and social studies, and offers many art- and music- based activities. To date, children have completed billions of Learning Activites on ABCmouse!

Large-scale research studies assessing the effectiveness of ABCmouse have concluded that ABCmouse accelerates learning and helps children make significant gains in early literacy and math skills. ABCmouse is available to families on a low-cost subscription basis for use on computers, tablets, and smartphones. ABCmouse is regularly ranked as the leading children’s learning iPad, iPhone, and Android app un both the Kids and Education categories.

BOOKR Class is a digital library of animated books and games with a Teacher’s Dashboard, trusted by 25,000 teachers worldwide. Effective and easy to use in-class, after school and in distance learning, BOOKR Class offers a 3-in-1 solution for teachers and students: a fast-growing digital library and a Teacher’s Dashboard for tracking engagement and reading activity.

BOOKR Class is designed for teachers by teachers. To help children reach their full potential, BOOKR Class follows a proven researched methodology with texts and activities designed for individual and classroom learning. The illustrations and animations support the understanding of the texts, but don’t distract from reading, while the educational games practise the linguistic elements in a focused, fun and entertaining way.

Book Retriever is the Classroom Library Company’s accompanying app for managing book borrowing between teachers, parents and students. The Book Retriever software makes it easy to:

  • Match appropriate books to readers
  • Level, Manage, Track, Lend and Organize your whole Classroom Library
  • Helps parents determine books appropriate books for their children.
  • Communicate easily with Parents via phone or email.
  • Leveled Reading Correlation Chart built in
  • PC and smart phone ready! PC version comes with barcode scanner. Access the same info rom either format.
  • Over 136,000 books in our database (includes some sole source publishers)
  • Easily import your current book list into the Book Retriever!
  • Never buy the wrong or duplicate book in a bookstore ever again!
  • We can easily add your school or districts book database *Fee based
  • Easily Print Leveled Labels for your books!

Level It Books™ is a library management app that allows you to scan your books’ ISBNs to view the Guided Reading, Lexile®, Grade Level Equivalent, and DRA levels for the book and store them in a personalized library. You can build your leveled library quickly by searching our comprehensive database of over 180K books spanning those 4 leveling standards. We have a passion for education and our goals are to help you organize your classroom library and to alleviate the struggles associated with finding the levels of books. This app is great for educators who need to level their classroom library and also need a way to organize those books digitally. Parents will also find this app useful in order to locate level appropriate books for their child’s reading enjoyment.

ReadingIQ is an advanced digital library for children 12 and under. ReadingIQ gives families and teachers access to thousands of high-quality books, all curated by experts to advance literacy. Building on the success of ABCmouse Early Learning Academy, we’ve brought the same research-based, educator-led approach to ReadingIQ. This digital library provides the very best of children’s literature, including Caldecott and Newbery award winners, National Geographic Kids books, more than 1,000 exclusive titles, and thousands of additional high-quality and high-interest fiction and nonfiction books from leading publishers

The entire ReadingIQ library is easily searchable by topic and leveled with both the Guided Reading and Lexile® systems so that children can find titles that match their interests and reading ability. ReadingIQ is available at no cost to teachers for use in their classrooms, with the ability to assign books to each student to read at home, completely free. Families who would like full home access to the entire library can subscribe for a monthly or annual fee.

Literacy Leveler makes it easy to level children’s books in your collection and find books of an appropriate reading level. Literacy Leveler focuses on grades K though 8 and is available for iOS and Android.

  • Scan a book’s ISBN and see its level.
  • Search for a book by title, author, or level.
  • Add books to your personal library.

Artifact is a book app that enables teachers to search discover and reflect on the books that are right for their students. For more information, visit