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We partner with the nation’s leading library automation services providers. All of the partners listed below “have Lexile measures,” and can integrate the measures into your school library catalog. Talk to your library automation representative about getting Lexile measures in your catalog and search. We also partner with the nation’s largest periodical database services to provide Lexile measures for newspaper and magazine articles, as well as encyclopedia and reference content. Tens of millions of articles have Lexile measures and are fully searchable!

Periodicals Database Aggregators:

Web Content Aggregators:

Alexandria library automation software is used in thousands of libraries worldwide. The software’s built-in Lexile utility automatically assigns Lexile measures to a library’s collection, eliminating the need to export data to another vendor for Lexile enrichment and ensuring that the titles have the latest Lexile measures. Alexandria displays Lexile measures for students and books in the same circulation window, enabling librarians to verify that students are reading level-appropriate materials. In addition, Lexile reporting options simplify the process of developing Lexile reading and scoring lists by title, scoring level, grade level or home room. The software’s “Help Me Find a Book” search feature allows students to find books based on Lexile measure. Read more about Alexandria’s Lexile measure service.

Baker & Taylor is a leading distributor of books, video and music products to libraries, institutions and retailers. The company is passionate about book and entertainment products. Many at Baker & Taylor have been there for a long time – 20, 30, 40 years. Baker & Taylor forms deep and lasting bonds with supplier partners and customers; and always strive to delight the readers, viewers and listeners. Baker & Taylor has been in business for over 180 years and have developed long-term relationships with major book and music labels. They also maintain one of the largest in-stock inventories of books, videos and music in the U.S. – about 385,000 titles in inventory and more than 1.5 million titles available for order.

BiblioCommons is the developer of a suite of hosted “Software as a Service” solutions that deliver an integrated “social discovery” experience to the online customers of public libraries. BiblioCommons offers a common platform that aggregates the shared expertise, opinions and recommendations of staff and customers alike across all libraries, and integrates those contributions back into the local catalog in intelligent ways. BiblioCommons utilizes the Lexile Framework to help learners, parents and teachers find and evaluate books.

Biblionix is devoted solely to public libraries. No school or academic libraries are Biblionix customers; only public libraries in 39 states/provinces in the US and Canada. This singular focus empowers its Apollo ILS/LSP to excel at delighting just one type of customer. And delight it does. Apollo has won the Product of the Year Award twice, for 2016 and 2017, from Modern Library Awards. Plus, the excellence and loyalty is borne out by seven consecutive years of top-of-the-charts ratings for Apollo in the annual “Perceptions” survey by Marshall Breeding.

Book Systems®, a progressive Library and Textbook Automation provider, offers web-based interactive products for public libraries, individual school libraries, and school districts. Our Study Program Enhancement service integrates the Lexile Framework for Reading functionality within an easy to use interface as part of our Library Automation product Atriuum. As a result of this integration you will maximize your reading program investment, by making it easier for your students to find books matching their reading levels. Atriuum is the ultimate centralized library management solution. Advance features include quick cataloging, configurable user interface and real time customizable reporting with federated searching. The Librarian Desktop feature gives you the librarian, the ability to personalize your workspace and work flows as you desire. Read more about Book System’s Lexile measure service.

E. F. Library Services provides a number of data services including retrospective conversion for software vendors and libraries, and cataloging and processing for publishers, distributors and libraries. Our Dewey/Sears database includes over 800,000 MARC records. For more information, email

For more than 20 years, Follet School Solutions, Inc. has provided software solutions to help K-12 schools and districts strengthen the library-classroom connection and streamline the business of education. Every day, more districts choose Follett’s technology to effectively search, manage, organize and interpret the vast amount of information available and help improve information literacy. Follett enables educators to find resources that meet curriculum goals while guiding students to the safest, most relevant, age-appropriate print and online sources. With the Destiny suite, you can leverage Destiny Library Manager™ and Resource Manager™ to track and manage all district resources. Library Manager is ideal for library-related resources and books, while all other resources – from musical instruments to sports equipment and beyond – can be tracked in Resource Manager. Follett’s “Reading Program Service” feature provides Lexile measures for tens of thousands of titles. Read more about Follett’s Reading Program Service.

Ingram Content Group LLC is the world’s largest and most trusted distributor of books, music and media content. Thousands of publishers, retailers and libraries worldwide use Ingram’s fully integrated physical and digital distribution, logistics, and manufacturing solutions to access global consumer demand, and realize the full business potential of book content. The Lexile Framework provides Ingram with important title metadata that our customers use daily in their buying decisions.

Insignia Software provides one of the most feature rich library automation systems for k-12, public and academic libraries. The only browser based library automation system with the power and ease of a desktop application.

LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for book lovers. LibraryThing helps you create a library-quality catalog of books: books you own, books you’ve read, books you’d like to read, books you’ve lent out … whatever grouping you’d like. Since everyone catalogs online, they also catalog together. You can contribute tags, ratings and reviews for a book, and Common Knowledge (facts about a book or author, like character names and awards), as well as participate in member forums or join the Early Reviewers program. Everyone gets the benefit of everyone else’s work. LibraryThing connects people based on the books they share.

Since 2008, Libraries Unlimited has been an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, an award-winning publisher in the realms of reference, contemporary thought, and professional development. School Library Connection and reVIEWS+ shares with both Libraries Unlimited and ABC-CLIO this core mission: to serve as a source, catalyst, and support of lifelong learning.

For 30 years, Mackin Educational Resources has provided library and classroom materials for grades PK-12. Known the world over for exemplary service and a stringent attention to detail, Mackin has access to more than 18,000 publishers and a collection of close to 3 million printed titles. Additionally, Mackin features a robust selection of nearly 200,000 eBook titles and databases, as well as audio books and video resources available through their state-of-the-art eResource management system, MackinVIA. As a practice, Mackin uses Lexile measures as a quantitative evaluation of texts when recommending books for school library and classroom collections. For more information, visit or call 800-245-9540.

Mandarin Library Automation, Inc., a software developer, and complete solutions provider whose library management products include Web-based Mandarin Oasis™ and Windows-based Mandarin M3®. Oasis is UNICODE compliant, includes a Z39.50 client and available through Mandarin Library Automation hosting (ASP). The award-winning M3, has a Web OPAC option available, and can be downloaded free from the Mandarin web site at Oasis demonstration site is also available at Complete data conversion, MARC record upgrade services, 24 hours 365 day technical service, professional onsite and internet based training also available.

MARCIVE® Inc. can help your patrons locate more relevant records in your library’s catalog. Their MARC Record Enrichment Service adds Lexile measures among additional titles data. This processing can be performed along with authorities processing (backfile and ongoing), retrospective conversion (from cards or records), or just by itself. Read more about MARC Record Enrichment Service.

With Mitinet’s “MARC Match for Lexile,” you can add the most current and accurate Lexile measures to your database and significantly increase the number of titles available for your Lexile program. MARC Match for Lexile’s accuracy is the highest in the industry. Mitinet engineers and library specialists manually review every record for optimum matching accuracy. And as long as your Wizard subscription is up to date, you can run MARC Match for Lexile as often as you like – at no additional cost. We recommend once every 3-4 months. Magic Match for Lexile adds the most current Lexile measures to your MARC database – quickly and accurately. The importance of accuracy in matching your circulating inventory to the Lexile database cannot be stressed enough. Correctly matched data is vital to meeting your goals set for the Lexile Framework for Reading. We manually review Lexile data match fields and correct verifiable errors and omissions. This methodology is time consuming and costly, yet vital to high quality match results. Combined with our pre-match data improvement options to your library’s MARC database, we will guarantee that the resulting Magic Match’s accuracy is the highest attainable in the industry. Read more about MARC Match for Lexile.

OPALS (Open Source Automated Library System) is a community of academic, education, special and public librarians that collaborate with experienced software engineers, automation consultants, support technicians and administrators to develop and support this open source integrated library system. Their goal is to create sustainable, state-of-the-art technology that is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to afford. OPALS is an open source initiative that is well supported by librarians around the world. Librarians drive OPALS development by writing innovative system function specifications and testing those engineered updates. Lexile text measures are provided for over 140,000 titles on OPALS. Read more about OPALS.

A leader in library binding for 65 years, Perma-Bound Books proudly serves PreK-12 school libraries and classrooms, as well as public libraries, through a variety of media. With access to more than 3.5 million books, Perma-Bound offers well-curated title selection, comprehensive teaching materials, and a variety of educational databases and electronic media. Web-based services include online ordering, MARC records, and processing. Personal assistance with collection management is available through collection development and analysis, or customer service. Perma-Bound uses Lexile information provided directly from Metametrics in building custom leveled collections to meet the needs of individual customers. To learn more please visit us at or call 1-800-637-6581.

For 20 years ResourceMate® has been the library automation solution for over 10,000 libraries throughout North America and in over 120 countries.  The ResourceMate Reading Program Service (RRPS) provides instant access to Lexile information including Awards and Summary information, without having to have an annual reading service subscription.  When cataloguing new items the associated Lexile information is automatically retrieved, or existing items can be updated with a batch real time update process. This service provides a fast and efficient method of obtaining the Lexile information without exporting the data to have it processed.  The ISBN retrieval process will search the Lexile database for ISBN’s not on LOC, including Scholastic.  Patrons can use the OPAC to search by Lexile measures for specific values, a range of values, or specific Lexile codes, and the search results can be configured to display this information. Read more about ResourceMate and the ResourceMate Reading Program Service.

SirsiDynix® connects people with knowledge at more than 23,000 libraries around the world. Through library management technology and search and discovery tools, libraries using SirsiDynix technology bring relevant resources and the power of knowledge to their users and communities. SirsiDynix technology is architected to be open, scalable and robust, offering a complete solution out-of-the-box, and unparalleled flexibility through APIs and web services. Complemented by the most experienced training, consulting and support staff in the industry, SirsiDynix helps libraries create tomorrow’s libraries, today.

SkyRiver is an intuitive and easy-to-use cataloging utility which allows libraries to simplify workflows and increase efficiency. SkyRiver’s ever-growing database is enriched by the addition of Lexile measures. As more libraries support Common Core curriculums, the Lexile data will help SkyRiver customers support their library patrons.

Surpass Software has enjoyed stable leadership and consistent programming updates since its founding in 1985. As the automation market has demanded increasingly powerful and complex software, Surpass has responded. The result is a group of full-featured software programs that are easy to use, stable and low-maintenance. Surpass products help strengthen the classroom-media center connection by providing an easy-to-search catalog including visual searching. Lexiles are easily searchable in the patron catalog. Media specialists keep Lexile data in MARC records up to date by initiating automatic updates through Surpass Reading Program Service. A book review feature encourages thinking and writing skills as students share about books they have read. Surpass is full-featured, customizable automation software suitable for K-12 schools worldwide. Read more about Surpass Software’s Surpass Reading Program Service.

Since 1974, The Library Corporation has provided outstanding cataloging and ILS services to libraries worldwide, from single-site installations to the largest and busiest systems. TLC evolves to stay ahead of the ever-changing technology curve, diversifying and expanding its products and services to ensure libraries are offering optimal service and convenience to digital-savvy patrons. More than 4,500 libraries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia trust TLC to deliver the best possible automation solutions for staff and borrowers.

WorldCat is the collective collection of the world’s libraries, and a database of bibliographic information built continuously by OCLC® libraries and their partners around the world. Thousands of libraries around the world are represented in WorldCat. Every 10 seconds, a new item is added to the 1.5 billion items currently available through participating WorldCat libraries. Lexile measures are provided for more than 125,000 titles in WorldCat.

Beanstack provides one place for local families to participate in libraries’ reading programs. Through the digital service, readers gain tools to log their reading and earn incentives aligned to individual library programs. Each week, Beanstack sends readers a personalized email recommending a book and event at the library.

Britannica Digital Learning‘s mission is to provide the very best in digital educational materials that students seek and educators require. Widely recognized as the ultimate reliable source for fast facts or deep research, Britannica also offers 21st-century curriculum resources for all grade levels, accessible in the classroom, from the library, or at home. Our products meet state, provincial, and Common Core standards to prepare students for the world they will shape.

EBSCO Publishing is the leading provider of online resources for schools. The database company has served the needs of the school and library markets for more than twenty years. Databases from EBSCO are powered by the highly-touted proprietary search system EBSCOhost®, one of the most used research sites on the Internet. EBSCOhost databases are constructed with appropriate lexile levels to appeal to all readers. The databases offer superior coverage for topical information from periodicals, newspapers, biographies, primary source documents, essays, encyclopedias, almanacs, reference books, photos, maps, film and video. EBSCOhost databases are accessible via age-appropriate user interfaces including Student Research Center, for middle and high school students, KidSearch, for elementary school students, and Searchasaurus for children just beginning to search for information. EBSCO Publishing features flagship products for schools such as MAS UltraTM, Middle Search Plus® and Primary Search® as well as the popular readers’ advisory service NoveList®K-8.

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, is a world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, schools and businesses. Best known for its accurate and authoritative reference content as well as its intelligent organization of full-text magazine and newspaper articles, the company creates and maintains more than 600 databases that are published online, in print, as eBooks and in microform. Gale PowerSearch, a powerful search and retrieval platform that allows users to search multiple Gale databases simultaneously, includes Lexile reading levels.

Scholastic GO! is a robust research tool that offers credible, accurate, reliable content in a variety of texts types and media on every core-curricula topic covered in grades 2-12. Each of our more than 115, 000 informational texts is clearly marked with and searchable by its indicated Lexile measure. The powerful search engine returns relevant results in all media types – including articles, videos, images, charts, sidebars, maps, and websites – in a clean and simple to navigate format. Educator support includes lesson plans aligned to standards, monthly webinars, printable maps, graphic organizers and more. 

Knovation partners with educators, districts, educational technology solution developers and content providers around the country to design and implement personalized learning solutions that reduce barriers to learning. The Knovation product line includes the award-winning netTrekker and the icurio digital curriculum solution. Using netTrekker, educators, students and parents have access to the best digital learning resources from across the web, reviewed by educators, aligned to standards and tagged to make it fast and easy to find exactly the right resource in a fraction of the time. icurio empowers districts to create a dynamic digital curriculum that supports the print-to-digital transition, delivers on the intent of Common Core and enables personalized learning.

NewsBank™ Inc., one of the world’s premier information providers, helps public libraries support K-12, homeschool, university and adult education students with assignments and research through Web-based resources comprised of information from newspapers, wire services, magazines and journals, broadcast transcripts and abstracts. Resources such as Public Library Collection facilitate searches by category or topic, align with state standards and provide Lexile/reading levels.

ProQuest connects people with vetted, reliable information. Key to serious research, the company’s products are a gateway to the world’s knowledge including dissertations, governmental and cultural archives, news, historical collections, and ebooks. ProQuest technologies serve users across the critical points in research, helping them discover, access, share, create, and manage information.