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These of innovative, digital learning portals integrate Quantile skill and concept measures to create engaging student lessons and professional learning services.

HappyNumbers is a personal teacher assistant for each student in the class. It combines best pedagogical practices ensure deep conceptual understanding of math, while keeping the student engaged and independent. HappyNumbers helps K-2 teachers differentiate instruction and deepen students’ understanding of math. While students are learning with Happy Numbers, Happy Numbers is learning about them. It scaffolds instruction and gives feedback based on each individual student’s level and progress – it’s like having a teacher assistant for each student in the class. The app is available in Spanish and English. More than 30 million problems have been solved on the platform and it is already used on a school district level. The company has earned COPPA SafeHarbor, FERPA, and California Student Data Privacy Certifications and located in Palo Alto, CA.